What is a FOOD Tour?

We offer individual and group sign-ups for tours year round, bringing fans of food and travel together, for special walking tours of PARIS.

Where do FOOD TOUR PARIS go?

Each tour covers one or more neighborhoods, some that tourists usually don’t visit. If you’re passionate about what you eat, what you see and who you meet you’ll love being part of a FOOD TOUR PARIS experience. You’ll enjoy multiple cuisines on each tour.

Do we go to restaurants?

Most tours cover casual places and take out food. Our tours are a combination of noshing, eating, people watching, sightseeing and sharing. You’ll do it like Parisian do.

How long are FOOD tours ?

Tours are 3-4 hours but don't worry, this is not a race, people eat, share life time in a kind and generous ambiance.

What makes FOOD TOUR PARIS special?

We are a true eating tour, not a sampling tour. At each stop, we make recommendations, you purchase your own food so you  get  what you like, not just what somebody gives you. Vegetarians are welcome. 

How much food is there?

Each tour has multiple stops, 6 to 7 sometimes 8 in each tours, so you can enjoy as much or as little food as you like. If you’re traveling with friends or family, sharing is a great part of the experience of the FOOD TOUR PARIS experience.

Do we know where we’re stopping?
Local guides know the city as their pocket. A big part of the fun of a FOOD TOUR PARIS is the anticipation of each stop. There are usually many choices on a tour and you do not have to eat at every location. But as most of people we brought with us are curious, they like to taste themselves.

How much will the food cost ?

That depends on your appetite, lol, and the amount of people in your personal group. We have had guests spend as little as $3, up to $20 per person. Since our tours are designed to replace a meal (or even two) this is very reasonable for Paris prices. 

What do I need to bring?

You don't need extra package to complete the FOOD TOUR PARIS Experience; please wear casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes. We encourage you to bring water with you especially during summer months. All tours are rain or shine, to be comfortable, please bring weather gear according to the weather.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Children are welcome; definitely no trouble for young parents with stroller. We guide people from youth to retreat. Remember that we are a group and conviviality is a key point of the FOOD TO§UR PARIS experience.

Do I have to purchase FOOD TOUR PARIS tickets in advance?

Tours often sell out especially in the summer, so please book early. Reservations are required for groups. 
To purchase tickets, jump to the reservations page.

Dietary restrictions ?

Please let us know if you or specific members of your group have any food allergies or strict eating preferences.