Join us on Tour #2 : Food Tour Paris - "Best of France", a 3hours guided food adventure that walks you through our best secret food spot of Paris.

By touring the city on foot Paris, uncover hidden gem spots where locals go. Get tidbits of Paris's history while tasting the scrumptious foods that make Paris's culinary scene one of the seven wonders of the world;. Learn where Peoples and local foodies dine.

Learn what makes Paris a unique and delicious city. Explore historical neighborhood districts with typical architecture and great restaurants all set within a beautiful. On our three-hour food tour participants get an insiders look at the can't-miss eateries that only the locals are lucky enough to know about-until now.

Tour #2 : Food Tour Paris - "Best of France" Typical tastings

The best french croissant of Paris

The Best of french fries

Breizh typical crepes, the best of Paris

A french sandwich called jambon beurreA french classical seashell : oyster

Aassortment of french cheese

For dessert, a succulent french "Mousse au chocolat"

Tour #2 : Food Tour Paris - "Best of France" Itinerary

Check your shoe and your stomach, your experience starts there !

The Food Tour Paris guide will pick up guests at the Eiffel Tower.

The meeting point is located at the south east foot of the iron lady.

Guests will be led to the first stop in the neighborhood of the Eiffel  Tower to get started with their first stop.

We shift in direction of The French Army Museum, based in Les Invalides 

Then we will move to La Sorbonne a famous centenary university through Saint Germain boulevard.

to reach afterward the  the Luxembourg garden.

We will then terminate the tour toward the Cathedrale Notre dame.

When we say food tour, we mean a true food tour !

We make sure our food tour has plenty of food for a lunchtime appetite even for two.

No small samples or bite size pieces....

You'll taste farm fresh ingredients that inspire local chefs.

If you finish a tour and think I’m hungry: Your Food Tour Paris guide offer you a drink.

This is Food Tour Paris Tours : What makes us different ?

Our tour will take you on a unique food adventure off the beaten path.

Low prices, as we would like to share Paris secret with most of you.

Our tours are limited to 2-16 guests.

We really like food and sharing our secret spot with you.


·         Guests will be led on a route of about six to seven eateries

·         The amount of tastings on the Food Tour Paris tour is equivalent to a large meal.

·          The tour is around 5 kilometers over a period of about three hours.

·         Cameras and video cameras are allowed.

·         Each tour is unique; no overlap of stops from different Food Tour Paris tours.

·         Substitutions can be made each time for any reason.

·         Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

·         The tours are held rain or shine. Please dress appropriately for day's weather conditions.

·         What can I forget ? You can bring Water, sunscreen.

·         For more detailed information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions on Food Tour Paris website.

Pickup / Departure Location

he Food Tour Paris guide will pick up guests at the Eiffel Tower. The meeting point is located at the south east foot of the iron lady.

Drop Off / Return Location

 The tour guide will walk guests back toward the Cathedrale Notre dame.