Food Tour Paris Secret book

Food Tour Paris Secret book is the most kept secret that every Paris visitors will need to have in 
their backpacks.
As much essential as water is !

Paris's favorite food-lover's resource is now available with this first Edition !

More than a hundred addresses of the best restaurants, wine shops, bakeries, taco trucks and more !

* reviews by the FOOD TOUR PARIS team, expert in food pleasure 

* covers all of Paris city

* icons for special features: vegetarians, kid-friendly, open late, etc.

* a handy-size, with tabbed chapters

* one-of-a-kind places that reflect their communities and the passion of their owners.

This book is available for anyone. No need to take a FOOD TOUR PARIS Tour to command your Food Tour Paris Secret book.

Delivery can be done at he Opera or at the Louvre.

Order a tour with this book and you will have a special discount.

You also can order it now and get it delivered to you on the day of your tour.

Is it worth it ? How much time did you ask yourself where can I go to have a typical restaurant or where can I have a quick .

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